14880 23000


Acrylic, LED, PVC



Width: 20 Inches (50cm)

This is flex LED neon sign, flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside tubes look like vintage glass neon sign. Flex LED neon sign is safe, non-frangible. It's better choice for large text and logo. Glass neon sign is frangible, but is more flexible and better bending for small text logo. 

The flex LED neon sign is recommended for wedding, makeup, tattoo, bar, coffee, business store & home decoration etc. It's hand crafted artist.


This flex LED custom neon sign could be installed on all or hanging. It comes with hanging chain and hole in backing.


⌲ Power cord with incorporated switch: 150cm (5 foot)

⌲ Transformer 100V - 220V for worldwide use.

⌲ 100% Handcrafted flex LED Neon Sign.

⌲ Arrive safe warranty

⌲ Indoor use


Package include: Neon Sign x 1, Back Board x 1, Hanging Chain x 1, 110-240 Volt Transformers x 1

oh baby neon sign custom neon signs
14880 23000

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