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LED Neon sign "Glass of Wine"

Made on flexible neon technology. These products are better in operation than glass neon. It glows the same, but is completely safe, even for children.

◈ Features:
- Shatterproof - led neon does not break, unlike glass neon;
- Power cord - 1,5 meters
- Dimensions: Height: Height: 41 Centimeters; Width: 19 Centimeters
- Made on a strong Plexiglas sheet;
- Up to 45000 hours lifetime;

NEON Sign "Glass of wine"

◈ Includes:
- 1 Neon Sign which works from a network of 110-220 volts;
- US-plug.


led neon, Plexiglas, silicone

Glass of Wine Neon sign
10848 17900

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