18144 24000


clear acrylic, LED neon tube


Dimensions 97x24 cm (38 1/5" x 9 1/2")


Just turn a chill mode on.

Advantages of our flex neon signs:

✓ Life up to 100,000 hours
✓ Low power consumption
✓ No mercury, safe for children
✓ Tidy appearance
✓ Shockproof

We make only hand made, high quality neon signs with love.

You can choose a bigger size. Contact us

Power supply 110/220v, US or EU plug: included

On-wire switch on/off: included

On-wall mounts: included

Wire length is 1.5 meters. Write if you want not standard wire length.


Chillmode neon sign

Watch our Chillmode neon sign on youtube!

Chill mode neon sign for home chill out zone LED flex neon
18144 24000

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