What materials do you use to make the neon signs?
The neon signs utilize sturdy PVC, which can be child-safe and won't shatter like glass, and glowing, efficient LED lighting. These eco-friendly signs do not use poisonous gases or heat up to dangerous levels.

Will the sign buzz or make other sounds?
Absolutely not. The neon signs are quiet, making them ideal additions to any room in your home.

How long do the neon signs work for?
The LED bulbs we use for custom signals are extremely long lasting compared to conventional bulbs or gas-based neon signs. The normal life expectancy is 60,000 working hours over six decades.

Is it easy to hanging up the Neon led sign?
Yes. Every hint we provide includes a transparent acrylic backing that's laser cut to the exact same shape hiding under the signal. Including pre-drilled holes which makes hanging/mounting it onto a wall or other surface easy.


When will i received my custom sign?
Please allow 3 to 7 days for the development of the neon light with 7 to 14 days for expedited shipping to receive your signal.

How to track my order?
You can track your custom neon order in your account after it has been shipped.

Do the neon signs have a warranty?
Absolutely! All our signs include a 1-year guarantee on electric parts.


What countries do you ship to?
We only ship our LED neon signal products into the United States.

What kind of packaging do you use to ship the signs?
We take the utmost care to be certain that your neon sign gets you into fantastic form. Each is sent with adequate bubble wrap in a corrugated cardboard box.

What should I do if my sign arrives damaged?
Regrettably, we can't control everything that occurs once your habit LED neon signal leaves our facility. In the event you get a broken or damaged signal, contact us immediately via email. Take photographs of the breaking to reveal what occurred, and we'll be delighted to assist you fulfill your signal needs as fast as possible.